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Advanced Training Program

The EDP (Executive Development Program) is a non-degree executive education program tailored to meet the demands of mid-level, and senior managers of organizations that seek to drive innovation, lead change, and solve complex business challenges.

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Custom Programs

Custom programs for enterprises and organizations are deeply integrated into their strategic business initiatives, management, and corporation culture. The executive programs are individually crafted to meet the needs of business professionals in enterprises or organizations, providing a targeted and flexible means to advance their management skills and business performances.

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Distinguished Speakers
James. Heckman
Professor James. Heckman

A winner of the Nobel Prize in Economic Sciences, and professor at the University of Chicago, USA....

yi zhongtian
Yi Zhongtian

A famous writer and scholar, mainly focuses on multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary studies of literature, aesthetics, and history.

fan gang1
Fan Gang

Peking University professor and a famous economist. His major research areas include macroeconomics, light rail economics, and development economics.

zhu hanmin
Zhu Hanmin

Dean of Yuelu Academy, professor and Ph.D. supervisor.



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