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Quality and Innovation: EDP “Big Health” Industrial Association

The covid-19 pandemic brought an extraordinary crisis to the globe in 2020. Meanwhile, it also caused an overwhelming impact and real implication to a healthy industry. As the world anticipates the pandemic’s end, disruptions and challenges may have to be adjusted for policymakers and other stakeholders.

(Opening ceremony)

On Dec 26, the founding ceremony of the association & road show was held in HNUBS. Following partners co-organized the event: EDP of Hunan University, EDP Association of Hunan University, Changsha Yuelu Mountain for National University and Technology Development, Yongyou Software, Hunan Changsha Center for HR Innovation, 925 Radio Station and 58 Technology & Innovation Investment. The purpose of the association was to involve influential industrial partners, soliciting area scholars & experts as members of “Think-Tank” and capital for investment opportunities.

(Opening ceremony)

Following distinguished scholars were invited: Secretary-General Jianhua Zhu of Hunan Medical Doctor Association, Executive VP Huang Xiang of Hunan First People’s Hospital, Deputy Director Lei Jin of Changsha Administration for Market Regulation, Hunan Secretary-General Jingfu Wang of Association for Public Companies, Yuewen Zhang of Aier Eye Investment, Chairman Caihong Guo of Jiuzhitang, Director Rong Liu of Talent Health Center, Hunan Research Association for Talents, Associate Dean Shuren Xia, Associate Dean Xun He, Associate Dean Zhongbao Zhou, Professor Yongqiang He, Director Ping Li of EDP, Chairman Yunjian Lin of Sokan, General Manager Chinong of SaiLong and Chairman Hui Gao of Shanghe Edu.

Following business professionals were also invited to review the presentations: VP Shiqiu Xie of CITIC Hunan, VP Meng Yang of Bank of China, HNU Branch, Chairman Hua Huang of Huayi New Industry Investment, Partner Hengliang Zhang of Changsha Qitai Entrepreneurship Investment and Management, Partner Da Kuang of Sanze Entrepreneurship Investment and Management, VP of Investment Xiang Liu of 58 Technology & Innovation Investment, General Manager Jiahong Wei of Zhoayang Technology & Innovation Investment, VP Xing Yang of High-Tech and Internet Entrepreneurship Investment, Senior Manager Shaoli He of Sci-Technology Achievement Transformation Fund, Senior Manager Yusi Zhu of Zhoayang Technology & Innovation Investment, Xiaochuan Lu of Kefu Entrepreneurship and Innovation Investment Fund, Senior Manager Linyu Chen of Hunan Bochuang Science and Health Industry Investment Fund, Senior Manager Tao Yang of Construction and Investment Corporation, Changsha Yuelu Mountain for National University and Technology Development and Senior Manager Xuemei Tang of Changsha Xingchen Entrepreneurship and Innovation Fund.

(Associate Dean Shuren Xia at the opening)

Associate Dean Shuren Xia expressed his wishes at the opening: ”2020 has witnessed the most dramatic effect of the corona virus, our association is coming to emerge as an innovative business model. The shift in health care services calls for upgrading and gives rise to AI, Block Chain and other frontier technologies. It also points to the demand for quality school-enterprise cooperation and sustainable economic development. I expect all of our member organizations to continue to grow and deliver promising impact to our people and community.

(Associate Dean Zhongbao Zhou at the opening)

Associate Dean Zhongbao Zhou announced the lists of executive members of the association. Associate Dean Zhongbao Zhou, Chairman Yunjian Lin of Sokan presented the plagues to all the members. Haijun Zhou was appointed as the founding chairman of the association.

(Founding ceremony of the association)

(Chairman Haijun Zhou at the opening ceremony)

Mr. Zhou said: “Rise in health industry needs continuity and both domestic and global markets. It is geared to four key actions: orientation, development, innovation and practice.

(Presentation session of the event)

Five business plans have competed with each other at the final of the road show. They were “Life-time Nutrition and Outpatients Management System”, “Youxiang International Oral Medical Chain Hospital”, “Feiyu Imaging Diagnosis Center”, “Sudden Cardiac Death Prevention Machine” and “Zero Calorie Sugar”.  

(First Award: Zero Calorie Sugar)

(Second Awards: Sudden Cardiac Death Prevention Machine,

Feiyu Imaging Diagnosis Center)

(Third Awards: Life Time Nutrition and Outpatients Management System, Youxiang International Oral Medical Chain Hospital)

(The Most Welcome Project: Better Private Physician)

(Executive VP Huang Xiang of Hunan First People’s Hospital at the event)

Executive VP Huang Xiang of Hunan First People’s Hospital spoke at the ceremony: “We run this association to discuss better opportunities in health care service. We will influence all to result common health towards the same vision.

(Deputy Director Lei Jin of Changsha Administration for Market Regulation at the event)

Deputy Director Lei Jin of Changsha Administration for Market Regulation appraised the presentations at the ceremony, he said: “With advanced technology and innovative perspectives, we shall find ways to know our patients on the ground, reach market potential and take action for further development.

(Associate Dean Xun He at the event)

Associate Dean Xun He addressed the closing session with sincere appreciation to all attended business professionals, scholars & experts and public agencies. He said: “This gathering run as a road show was an innovation act, which inspired those influential and valuable minds. HNUBS will not just get the word out but to found more associations that could bring changes to enterprises and society. ”

(Disguised guests at the ceremony)