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While formal education is concentrated within academics, the transformation of potential into innovation and well-grounded talents in business administration is realized through every aspect of the experience at Business School of Hunan University. The school strives to offer a diverse platform for students. Here, students can gain a new circle of friends and a deeper understanding of the Chinese way of life.

Now, more than 1000 international students from over 90 countries and areas are studying in Hunan University. Besides rich course choices, there are various student activities organized by student associations, such as  Students’ Art Troup , Students’ Union. International office of Business School also organize student activities every semester, like 2016 International Ambassador Competition.

Studying and living together, international students can be inspired in academics and amazed by a different life experience. When graduate, they will not only improve skills of research, know how to undertake financial analysis, but also gain a different life experience and broaden their minds.

On-Campus Accommodation

Hunan University offers three student apartment buildings for international students, namely Dezhiyuan International Student’ Apartment, Yinxing Building and Foreign Teachers’ Building.

1. Dezhiyuan International Student’ Apartment

Located beside Dezhiyuan Chinese Students’ Apartment, Dezhiyuan International Student’ Apartment has 660 rooms including single and double rooms. There are Security Guard’s Room, Surveillance Room, the Front Desk and the Apartment Management offices in this building. It has a public kitchen and laundry on each floor. Every student dormitory is equipped with an air-conditioner, a television, a telephone, Internet access, a refrigerator, a bed, a desk, a chair, a wardrobe, and an independent bathroom.

Accommodation fee standard:

Single room: RMB 700 Yuan/month

Double room: RMB 1000 Yuan/month

2. Yinxing Building and Foreign Teachers’ Building

Yinxing Building and Foreign Teachers’ Building are in the campus of Hunan  University. There are 86 rooms in Yinxing Building and 10 suites for international students with family in Foreign Teachers’ Building. The student dormitory of these two buildings are equipped with an air-conditioner, a television, a telephone, Internet access, a refrigerator, a bed, a desk, a chair, a wardrobe, and an independent bathroom. There are public kitchens and laundries on each floor.

Accommodation fee standard:

Yinxing Building: RMB 2400 Yuan/month /room

Foreign Teachers’ Building: RMB 2400 Yuan/suite

Living Facilities

1. Food Service Center-Student Cafeterias

There are several student cafeterias and Muslim restaurants in the university with all necessary fittings and elegant dining atmosphere which can meet different dining customs of students all over the world. The cafeterias and restaurants can provide a variety of dishes, with more than 80 kinds for breakfast and more than 200 for lunch and supper. Besides, they guarantee the quality and hygiene of food. The food is computerized sold. The tableware and kitchenware are stainless which are clean and sanitary.

Student Cafeterias List




Open   time

In  Campus

The 3rd Canteen

Beside   the College of Law







The 4th Canteen

Beside   the 18th Students' Dormitory

The   5th Canteen

Beside   the College of Law

Tianma Students'   Residential Area

The   1st Canteen

Opposite   to the 2nd Building, Unit2, Tianma Students’ Apartment

The   2nd Canteen

Opposite   to the 5th Building, Unit2, Tianma Students’ Apartment (the 2nd floor)

The   6th Canteen

Opposite to the 5th Building, Unit2, Tianma   Students’ Apartment (the 1st floor)

Muslims' Canteen

Opposite   to the 5th Building, Unit2, Tianma Students’ Apartment (the 2nd floor)

Dezhi Students'   Residential Area

Dezhi Canteen

In Dezhi   Students' Residential Area

Muslims' Canteen

In Dezhi   Students' Residential Area

2. Network Service

There is internet access in each room of the university apartment buildings, and it’s very convenient for students to surf online. International students can also enjoy the free internet service in the Campus Network  Center and the library of the university.

3. Library


Hunan University Library possesses 3 library buildings, with a total area of over 35,000 square meters and 3,000 seats in the reading rooms. Library buildings are made up of Branch Library for Special Collections, Central Library, and Branch Library. The library comprises about 6,500,000 volumes, among which the digital resources in multiple languages amounting to 76TB. It also includes 11 online virtual professional branches such as Branch Library on Economics, Law, Management, Humanities, Science, Communication and Fine Arts, Chemistry and Environmental Engineering, Civil and Structural Engineering, Mechanical and Materials Engineering, Electric and Information Engineering, and Royal Library of Yuelu Academy, with a total number of 29 Reference Rooms for different subjects. All these branches are connected to resource servers of Hunan University Library through campus network.

4. School Hospital

Situated at the foot of Yuelu Mountain, it is a comprehensive hospital of Grade   I Class which is made up of branch hospitals, and the health service station in the students’ residential area. It has multiple clinical departments including Department of Medicine, Surgical Department, Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology, Department of Pediatrics, ENT Department, Department of Stomatology, Department of Chinese Medicine, Department of Community Health Care and Preventive Health Care, inpatient. It also possesses Radiation Department, Testing Department, Department of Chinese and Western Pharmacy, B ultrasound Room, ECG and other medical departments. The hospital provides service of disease prevention and treatment work for more than 50,000 staff and students and their families of the university. It continues to expand its medical business. It maintains a good business association with the First, the Second and Third Xiangya Hospital of Central South University, and Hunan Provincial People’s Hospital.

5. Sports Venues


The Gymnasium

The sports hall is composed of the main gymnasium, the volleyball venue, the table tennis venue, the body shaping room, the indoor track and field room, and Xiong Xiaoge Fitness Studio.

Complex Athletic Gymnasium

This is a standard basketball venue of 8,840 ㎡and is facilitated with two basketball courts and a seating capacity of 2,760. Routine basketball training and large-scale intramural cultural and sports activities are held in this gymnasium. A great number of activities, such as the national Fifth Intercity Games Basketball Tournament for Men and Chinese University Basketball Super League (CUBSL), were held here.

Volleyball Venue  

The two standard volleyball training courts are located at the back of Complex Athletic Gymnasium and can be used as training and competition venues of volleyball, badminton, and table tennis. Routine volleyball training and intramural volleyball, badminton, and table tennis competitions are held here.

Table Tennis Venue

The table tennis venue is facilitated with ping-pong tables that meet the standards for international competition. It can be used as training venue for ping-pong amateurs as well as competition venue for large-scale games, such as inter-university table tennis tournaments.

Body Shaping Room

It provides venue for body-building courses for undergraduates and the training for the school’s aerobic team are conducted here.

Indoor Track and Field Room

This room possesses a plastic track of 70 meters, and contains the training venues for pole vault, high jump, and long jump.

Xiong Xiaoge Fitness Studio

Donated by the alumnus Xiong Xiaoge, it is equipped with advanced and full-featured fitness equipments.

Sports Hall

The Main Gymnasium

It is a standard basketball venue of 7,000 ㎡, in which Routine basketball training and large-scale cultural and sports activities are held, such as the final of the First Chinese University Basketball Association (CUBA) League. The gymnasium is also one of the training venues for the men’s basketball team of the university.

Badminton and Table Tennis Gymnasium  

Several kinds of sports activities could be conducted here, such as ping pong and volleyball. It can also be used as a venue for the track and field training, making itself a multi-functional venue.

Outdoor Stadiums


It takes up an area of 16,000 ㎡. Training sessions and competitions for sports such as soccer and track and field could be carried out here. The Chinese Grade B Soccer League Matches was once held here.

Outdoor Basketball Courts

This facility houses several standard basketball courts, where competitions, trainings, and extracurricular activities can take place.

Swimming Pool  

It is a standard swimming pool, which can be used for both training and extracurricular activities.