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MBA Program

HNU Business School MBA program is authorized by the Ministry of Education and the Office of the State Council Academic Degrees Committee to provide postgraduate education and award an MBA degree. 

The program is intended to prepare students for a career in business administration and related economic fields in response to academic and social needs. It has three parts: theory teaching; professional management training; and field study. The eight research areas include: 1) operation management and e-business, 2) organization behavior and human resource management, 3) marketing, 4) corporate finance, 5) financial management, 6) innovation management and entrepreneurship, 7) strategic management, and, 8) international business.

Its distinctive feature is its focus on case study and bilingual instruction. A part-time tutoring system is available. Second year and an internship field study at enterprises are arranged for students. Communication and close cooperation with faculty at well-known domestic and foreign colleges and enterprises is available. Internship-based education includes a broad spectrum of disciplinary bases. There are close strategic partnerships between the HNU MBA program and well-known universities in the U.S., Canada, Australia, the U.K., the Netherlands, Germany, Japan, South Korea, Singapore, Hong Kong, and Taiwan. These partnerships include joint education programs, exchange student projects, and several international cooperative research centers.

The program integrates domestic culture with international vision, and draws on a variety of underlying disciplines to prepare the students with basic theory and analysis, judgment, decision-making, organizing, and leadership capabilities. It emphasizes rule of law students, social contribution, a pioneering innovative spirit, and overall competence related to enterprise management.

The HNU Business School MBA programs pays close attention to the strategic thinking and leadership of its students. The courses focus on strategic management, and leadership supplemented with tutoring to help students understand their role and responsibilities, and learn strategic analysis, and related leadership skills and techniques in enterprise management.

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Students must submit dissertation proposals that comply with the requirements of Hunan University.

An MBA “Belt and Road” International Program dissertation may be either scholarship-based or case study-based, which must:

- relate to management cases in enterprises or public institutions. It must be definite and specific, instead of using anonymity or a code name

- take at least one year on research and writing

- be original, economically and socially significant, and purport to solve practical problems, and be grounded on theory

- comply with Hunan University regulations for Academic Dissertations for Graduate Degree, or Hunan University regulation for a case-study-based Graduate Degree

Academic dissertations have a 40,000 minimum word count; for academic dissertation while case study-based theses have a 20,000 minimum word count.

 Learn more about MBA programs at http://mba.hnu.edu.cn/enIndex/index.htm