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Academic Programs

EMBA Program

EMBA (Executive Master of Business Administration) programs are designed to assist experienced executives and senior managers, to advance to the next stage of their career, guide their business through specific challenges, and to become more effective leaders. The HNU Business School EMBA program is tailored for senior managers of enterprises, and government economic management departments. It aims to provide students with systematic modern management theories, scientific analysis, and decision-making approaches, and cutting-edge ideas and management experiences. Students should expect an integrated mix which will broaden their vision, encourage innovative strategic thinking, elevate decision-making capabilities, and improve leadership. The program helps develop strategy for companies, and assists enterprises to achieve timely and lasting progress while facing a complex, and sometimes fierce, national and international economic, social, and technological environment.

Educational System

This part-time program has classes lessons once a month, usually from Thursday to Sunday.

Students are expected to complete their program in three years but are allowed a maximum of five years. The first two years are typically spent on coursework. Students unable, for a good cause, to finish studies within the time-limit, may apply online for an extension, but must pass a three-layered examination consisting of supervisor, EMBA Center, and HNU Graduate School.

In order to receive an MBA degree, students must complete at least 70 credits of theoretical and practical courses. An MBA degree will issue after approval by the Business School Academic Committee, the HNU Graduate School, and the HNU Academic Committee.

Professional Training

Most EMBA students in Hunan and central China are enterprise CEOs who pay great attention to company development. The EMBA program has arranged a special course block of enterprise advancement to face these demands. The block includes business model design and innovation, corporate governance, mergers and acquisitions, overseas study tour, international business environment analysis, and international business management. 

International-style Course System

- Each course optimized with up-to-date international cases to form an organic whole. Foreign case study courses are introduced to improve teaching effect, and fit with individual and modern enterprise progress.

- Special two-week overseas study tour established to “bring in and go global”. Students are to visit well-known universities, transnational corporations, financial organizations, and consulting units in Europe and the U.S., and communicate with foreign EMBA students to learn advanced management experience and broaden international vision.

- Domestic and foreign specialists and experts teach and lecture on special topics for EMBA students. Different research schools and various thinking modes are all encouraged.

Research Report Review

Each EMBA student is required to complete an enterprise strategy research report as their graduation thesis. The report undergoes an initial, preliminary, and final review, and an oral defense. Students passing the initial review may enter into preliminary review. Three teachers inspect and rate the report A (excellent), B (good), C (qualified), and D (unqualified). A preliminary review consisting of comments and suggestions is provided. Reports rated C or better, after necessary modifications, are to be submitted for a final review. Three instructors review and grade the resulting report as Excellent, Good, Qualified, or, Unqualified, with the averaged grade being deemed the final result of the final review. Students passing the final review have an oral defense, organized by the oral defense committee. The MBA/EMBA Academic Committee designates the members of the review and oral defense committees. 

Three to five members constitute the oral defense committee. They are professors, associate professors, or experts with professional and technical posts in related fields, who are designated by the MBA/EMBA Academic Committee. Associate professors or experts from units other than the candidate’s internship unit, are invited to be present at the oral defense.

Degree-conferring Requirement

MBA/EMBA students meeting the following conditions are qualified to receive be diplomas after being approved by the Hunan University academic degree evaluation committee:

- completed all coursework and internships, with scores of not less than 60, or a grade of “qualified” or better; 

 complete an enterprise management and decision-making research report (MBA students), or an enterprise strategy research report (EMBA students), with an examination committee rating of ‘qualified’ or better ; 

- pass a comprehensive assessment done by the academic degree evaluation committee on all course exams and research reports;

- pass a final assessment evaluation done by academic degree evaluation committee. 

EMBA Alumni

The Hunan University EMBA Student Association of Hunan University was founded in 2007. It has developed several sub-associations such as the Zhuzhou EMBA Student Association, the Xiangtan EMBA Student Association, the Guangdon EMBA Student Association, and the Yueyang EMBA Student Association. It currently [2016] has approximately 1500 members.

It has a standing council of association members, under the school’s guidance, which has regular council sessions. School leaders are involved in the council and exchange views with association leadership, and communicate with alumni through council sessions and other activities.

Academic and school activities are open to all alumni, through lifelong education, EMBA Management Center key activities, and EMBA advisor consultation services.

Alumni-related activities occur throughout the years including a New Year Carnival, Commencement, Opening Ceremonies, and other lectures and academic events.

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